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In 2017, Reimagine was brought on by the Town of Devon to explore the feasibility of several options for the creation of the new Devon Town Hall on the site formerly occupied by the ESSO-Imperial Oil Resources building on Miquelon Avenue. Devon has an ambitious strategy: to become Alberta’s first net-zero community by 2050. A deep green retrofit of the former ESSO-Imperial Oil Resources Ltd building could deliver a new Town Hall and solidify the project as a cornerstone of its exciting goal for 2050. Prior to our feasibility study, the Town had commissioned several consultants to conduct existing building assessments and energy performance improvement studies, and these reports informed our own study and exploration of the possibilities for a new Town Hall.  


Keeping at the forefront of our minds the Town’s extraordinary goal of becoming net-zero, we embarked on a deep, careful and considered exploration of the existing building, the needs of the community, and various sustainable strategies that might suit Devon’s requirements. Over the space of a couple months, our team worked closely with Devon representatives and with all critical project stakeholders to analyse the current program requirements. We translated our findings and proposed an exciting, community-oriented architectural strategy that will align with the Town’s long term capital and space programming and that will be beloved by the community for generations to come. 


In all of our workshopping sessions, “a sense of community” and an “exceptional user experience” consistently rose to the top of the list of our stakeholders’ requirements. The existing building, it was determined, had amazing potential to provide a warm, sustainable and accessible environment for  staff and visitors alike. A primary feature of our recommended architectural strategy is a rooftop gathering space, which would serve as a gorgeous transitional space between indoors and outdoors and give occupants the opportunity to connect and recharge with beautiful views and a vibrant greenhouse environment. The gathering space, as well, will boast a solar panel array which will help to mitigate the building’s energy requirements, propelling the Town even closer to their net-zero objective. We proposed, as well, an enhanced landscaping strategy to create visual and tactile interest and a pleasant, land-based experience for visitors and staff. 

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