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With the city of St. Albert expanding rapidly in its population and infrastructure needs, the City found itself sadly lacking in community and recreational facilities. The existing Fountain Park Recreation centre had served the area well for over twenty years, since its construction in the 70’s, but it was high-time to modernize and expand.


The Fountain Park Recreational Centre stands as an essential hub for the St. Albert population.  The concept for the reimagining project evolved from the desire to maximize the potential of the existing facility, while also expanding it to accommodate a competition-sized pool, a café and seating area, and new changerooms among other amenities.


Though over two decades have passed since the completion of the Fountain Park renovation and expansion, the design remains fresh and functional. The aesthetic is modern but timeless, integrating all parts of the building—new and old—into an eye-catching, coherent whole. The layout is open and bright, offering a comfortable, fun, and lively experience for visitors.

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