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The City of Edmonton has embarked on the creation of an Indigenous Framework which aims to transform the relationship between Indigenous people and the City, and to support and connect with the region's indigenous communities. Integrated within this program aim is the City’s plan to End Poverty in Edmonton (EPE). With the inauguration of the EPE initiative in 2015, the city has prioritized the creation of the ICWC, which will provide a central point of community, healing, and support for generations of Indigenous people. 


It was determined in our stakeholder and community engagement sessions that it was of primary importance that the site for the ICWC be placed in close proximity to the North Saskatchewan River. Since time immemorial, water has possessed a deep cultural significance for Indigenous people, and has served as a fundamental place of intersection and gathering for communities. Indigenous-led and operated, the ICWC will be an accessible, safe and welcoming place for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who live in and visit the City. The ICWC acknowledges the rich diversity within the region's Indigenous cultural landscape, and will be necessarily flexible and responsive, and provide appropriate spaces for a huge range of traditional and contemporary activities, programs, and services. 

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