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Present Indigenous Cultural Tourism is centred around providing authentic cultural experiences and there is considerable opportunity to amplify the northeastern-central Albertan experience through the expansion of the Lac La Biche CNFC site and programming. Partnerships with local and provincial entities will be a key part of this process. The Centre’s ongoing work in the cultural tourism sector through their social enterprise Indigenous Spirit Creations has already proven fruitful, and the former Key- Way-Tin Bible Institute site will provide the space and area necessary for the CNFC’s expanded programme delivery. 

Understanding its history, the former Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute site holds considerable traditional value for the Indigenous communities of the area. Reclaiming this site for the CNFC recognizes the history and presence of Indigenous people in the area, and the importance of Lac La Biche as a multicultural space of gathering and knowledge exchange. Further, Cultural Tourism programmes on the sit e can bridge cultural divide, bringing people together to share culture, knowledge, land, and identity. 


In exploring various tourism offerings, a number of options emerged. Critical t o the success of this sit e is that it be unique t o Lac La Biche, and complementary to other Indigenous Cultural Tourism offerings in the region. Key opportunities for the expanded CNFC site include Tipi and tent camping, culinary tourism, and healing /spa experiences. Integrating the health and w ell-being of the lake will also be important in the delivery of authentic programming experiences. 

Existing buildings on site, if renovated, can provide the immediate space necessary to begin the Cultural Tourism venture. 

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