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Morinville is a close-knit town in the Edmonton Metropolitan Area. In 2009, the municipality consulted with our team, expressing a desire for a new cultural hub and gathering centre that would welcome and support its diverse population and express the warmth, creativity, and competence for which Morinville is known. 


The building is multidimensional and performs a diverse range of functions and services. It is a lively performance and visual arts venue, a hub for cultural and historical preservation, and a space for hosting a wide range of community programming across all age groups and demographics. A fundamental requirement of the project was that the new building relate visually to the existing Morinville High School, but be distinguishable from it. 


As a space designed for community, it was important that the community be active in its creation.Throughout the entire project process, we took care to facilitate engagement and connection with Morinville residents. The Centre is flexible and intelligent, offering programming options and anticipating the needs and requirements of its diverse occupants and boasts a 500-seat auditorium, stage, and state-of-the-art kitchen. The Centre is meant to be accessed, used, and celebrated by everyone in the town of Morinville and surrounding region.


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