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Mobilizing council and community support to understand the space needs of Spruce Grove Public Library

Spruce Grove Public Library saw an opportunity to learn about their space constraints directly from community members. Manasc Isaac guided the library team through an informative, engaging marketing campaign beginning in the summer of 2017 and leading in the fall municipal election. Vivian Manasc moderated an election forum held at the library, ensuring that decision makers would understand the need for library expansion. Through the campaign, our team gathered feedback from the community in exciting ways. We presented a needs assessment report at the end of the campaign, as their first tool in securing funding for facility expansion, recommending a set of options that would fulfill their short and long term needs. Manasc Isaac also facilitated the library's annual board retreat and provided a tour of an Edmonton Public Library branch to continue building strong team dynamics and explore innovative space solutions.

Leading into the 2017 municipal election, the priorities were to identify the space needs of the library and raise awareness of these space needs to decision makers and the public at large.

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