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Built in the 1950s, this aging French immersion school was in need of some serious enhancements in both its systems and its aesthetics. Providing both French and English programming in a Catholic school setting, this St. Albert school is committed to serving its students and families with care and compassion.


The mission of École Notre Dame is to work with students, families, staff and community to educate and nurture the growth of each individual within a Catholic/Christian atmosphere. They welcome families of all faiths and have built a school culture that is safe, caring and that helps all students to thrive. The reimagined school communicates the École Notre Dame’s dedication to the success of the community and its student population.


Alongside our collaborators, our design team breathed new life into École Notre Dame, upgrading the interior and exterior, and replacing outdated building systems. One of the primary alterations was the addition of a permanent vestibule to the front entrance, as the main entrance to the original building was difficult to find. By adding the vestibule, we created a clear point of entry, welcoming visitors and articulating the school’s commitment to its community. 

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