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This 40-year old academic school, the only faith-based French immersion centre in the City of Grande Prairie, draws students from all over the area. Bursting at the seams due to enrolment pressures, the school board approved an addition and modernization to this 40-year-old academic school in 2004. 


The reimagined École Sainte Gerard school preserves the school’s position as a preeminent centre for education in Grande Prairie. The school serves not only its students and their families, but the community at large. A beautiful new and expanded school emerged through a series of inclusive and comprehensive workshops with stakeholders, students and parents, and community members.


The school enjoys incredibly enthusiastic community buy-in. Upon award of the project, we realized that our commission encompassed a diversity of criteria, ranging from accommodations at a microscopic scale, such as allergen management, to macroscopic considerations, such as the alleviation of traffic congestion on the site. The renovated and expanded school gives space and resources for students and community to thrive, grow, and follow their dreams.    

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