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Nestled in Alberta’s Canadian Rockies, Banff is noted for its distinct architectural style. The exposed wood and grey-stone accents that are so characteristic of the town integrate the aesthetic of Banff’s built environment with the surrounding landscape of towering mountains and coniferous trees. The Town Hall, however, while acknowledging Banff’s architectural legacy, proves to be something altogether different.


Modernity, history, and nature: the new Town Hall acknowledges these fundamental elements in a beautiful and singular concept. Designed in collaboration with Sturgess Architecture, the primary objective of our design is to create an aesthetic experience that is particular to Banff in colour, material, and style and that is also comfortable, efficient and long-lasting. The building reflects both in its aesthetics and in its systems the sustainability central to our stakeholders’ vision and our team’s practice.


Though the building is only two storeys, the layers overlap and fluctuate in such a way as to create a compelling and dramatic visual experience. The second floor overhangs slightly above the first, overlooking an interpretative park to the north of the building. Exposed timber beams criss-cross the second floor exterior and provide support for the overhang. Spots of bright colour—as seen in the red window and door frames—provide a striking contrast to the slate-grey exterior of the first floor.


The Banff Town Hall was designed to meet CANMET C2000 (50% below the Model Energy Code) requirements as an energy efficient and high-performance building. Not only does the building use materials with a high insulating value, but it is also run in an efficient and conscientious manner. As a result of our innovative energy-conserving strategies, electricity consumption is reduced by 45% and peak electricity demand by 75%. In 2013, the Town of Banff added a photovoltaic array to the roof, continuing in the tradition of sustainable innovation.

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