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Originally a French farming community, Beaumont is a small city within Leduc County and the Edmonton Metropolitan Area in Alberta. Housing Beaumont’s administration and council, the new Town Hall represents the first phase of a project to situate all major municipal services together in the centre of the city. 


The new Town Hall is bright, engaging, and historically-situated. Full of civic pride and treasuring its French roots, the municipality desired a Town Hall that would serve as a central gathering space for its residents while reflecting the town’s unique history and character.


The building encapsulates the past and preserves the future. Reminiscent of an old French town with a red-brick envelope, steepled green roofs and tall, narrow windows, the Town Hall's historical aspect camouflages some truly innovative sustainability strategies. The project was designed to C-2000 standards, a third-party green rating program that predates today's LEED® certification system, and which saves the city of Beaumont 50% in energy savings per year compared to a model baseline. 

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