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Statoil, now Equinor, is an oil-and-gas company renowned internationally for its exceptional sustainability profile and commitment to environmental protection. In 2016, the company was recognized by the not-for-profit environmental organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) as the most sustainable oil and gas producer in the world. The company’s relationship with indigenous groups is similarly impressive, and in 2016, Statoil was ranked 5th out of 92 oil and gas companies on their handling of indigenous rights in the Arctic. One of their primary work sites is in Conklin, located about 155 kilometres southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta. 


As is common in the oil and gas industry, employees and contractors from all over the world  come to work and will often stay for weeks at a time on site. This necessitated the creation of accommodations for workers and staff. Stantoil, as a leader of sustainability in their industry, desired a building that would reflect their values and commitments to the earth, and to their employees and communities. 


Leismer Lodge is an attractive, comfortable and sustainable residential complex and will be the centre of the company's construction and operations for the next 40 to 50 years. The building harmonizes in its systems and aesthetics with the gently sloping topography of the site and the existing boreal forest. Designed to have a minimal environmental footprint, the Leismer Lodge complex was LEED® certified in January 2012. Sustainability innovations include a high-performance façade to reduce energy consumption, and a thoughtfully-oriented building for maximum solar gain and passive heating. High-efficiency lighting and control systems and recycled and low-emitting materials were chosen when possible, and as potable water is limited in this remote location, high-efficiency plumbing fixtures are used and water is treated on site. 

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