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The Government of Alberta, through the Ministry of Seniors and Housing, provides quality and affordable housing and ensures seniors have the resources and care they need. They are also one of the main funding agents for affordable and social housing in Alberta. Reimagine was hired to create a clear, innovative and functional set of design guidelines, technical references, and fact sheets that enable Alberta Seniors and Housing to develop best-in-class affordable housing throughout the province. We developed and designed the Design and Technical Guidelines, through extensive
background research and stakeholder consultations, with input from various Ministries,
Housing Management Bodies, Associations and Agencies, industry Architects and Engineers,
Contractors and Project Managers.


The Alberta Senior Housing Design Guidelines serve as a benchmark for provincially-funded housing. The guidelines provide direction to housing management bodies, designers, project managers, developers, and contractors for new construction and major renovation projects. With a focus on quality, fiscal sustainability, functionality, environmentally sustainability,
while being integrative, adaptive and consistent, the Design and Technical Guidelines
provide a graphically inclined and usable document with appended factsheets for all housing
accommodation types.


We worked with numerous governing bodies and organizations across Alberta to create clear and concise guidelines that will be supportive and relevant for a long time to come. Informed by Canada's National Housing Strategy and its requirements for environmental, social, and economic sustainability, we brought to the conversation our extensive experience in building beautiful and comfortable spaces through the lens of compassionate and human-centred design. Housing accommodation types include: Single Family Residence, Multi-Unit Residence, Apartment, Seniors’ Independent Living, Seniors’ Lodge, Senior’s Lodge with Supportive Living, and Permanent Supportive Housing. In the Guidelines, clear direction on the design process, the description of programming, space planning, space accommodations, and prescriptive specifications, are provided. Now, the Province is an essential step closer to fulfilling its commitment to Albertans requiring assistance and providing accessible and affordable housing province-wide.

You can take a look at the guidelines here: [ ashc-design-and-technical-guidelines.pdf ]

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