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The original Strathcona Eco Station was facing multiple issues that were preventing it from functioning at its best. The buildings that comprised the site were not originally built to function as an Eco Station, and consequently, issues of on-site bottle-necking, congestion, and unsafe traffic build-up were rendering the Eco Station inefficient and dangerous. The aesthetics of the Station, as well, were drab, outdated, and in dire need of an upgrade.


This project appealed to our firm’s deep-seated interest and wealth of experience in ‘reimagining’ existing buildings and spaces. While the Station is not LEED® Certified, our design strategy embodies the Eco Station’s primary purpose of serving and protecting the environment. To ensure that we also served the needs of the staff and occupants, we consulted extensively with our clients and stakeholders and collaborated with various experts in the fields of space design and engineering.


The reimagined Strathcona Eco Station encourages the efficient flow of vehicle and foot traffic through the premises. By identifying the underutilized and over-populated areas of the site, we created an interwoven and sustainable space that encourages the active, complex-but-not-complicated, engagement of occupants. The bright, clean aesthetic renders the space much more pleasant and usable for staff and visitors.

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