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The Rossdale area encompasses some of the most beautiful and historic real estate in Edmonton. Bordering the North Saskatchewan river valley, the site used to be a trading post and was one of the first areas of the city to be developed. EPCOR, a local utilities company, desired to protect Rossdale’s oldest buildings and to reflect the area’s historical legacy, while also managing their operations with efficiency and consistency. Thus emerged the concept for the new Trolley Substation.  


Originally built to house modern trolley bus switchgear equipment, the EPCOR Trolley Substation integrates seamlessly with its surroundings and with the site's historical context. We engaged extensively with residents of the surrounding community to create a substation that sets a preliminary design guideline for the tone and quality of the site’s future development, and that offsets the utilitarian character of EPCOR’s operations. 


The materials and strategies that we used maintain the unique character of the site, and which include masonry, steel trellis and soft landscaping. Even the window and wall treatments for the substation are respectful of historical detailing and are constructed with pre-cast sills and metal security screens as seen on other buildings in the area. Thoughtful landscaping design using native plants buffers the equipment and noise of the site.


National Post Design Awards, Merit Award, 2000 

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