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Sylvan Lake is a popular tourist destination in Alberta, drawing over one million visitors every year. While the town is known primarily for being a ‘summer town’, there has been a recent push from locals to improve upon Sylvan Lake’s year-round amenities and infrastructure, and to create a cosmopolitan space that is vibrant, comfortable, and attractive 365 days a year! The Sylvan Lake Commercial Building will play a key role in the growth and improvement of this burgeoning city.


The Sylvan Lake Commercial building integrates seamlessly with its environment, engaging with warmth and freshness with the street, the lake and the town itself. The primary function of this lake-side project is to create an attractive mixed-use commercial building that enhances the street level experience and draws a diverse set of retailers and occupants to its doors. The building is inclusive and accessible, offering fresh and flexible spaces that draw the outdoors in and offer opportunities for playful engagement between people and the environment.

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