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Yellowhead County is a geographically diverse region in Alberta, boasting over 22 000 square kilometres of mountains, foothills, rivers, forests and plains. A space was needed for the governance and administration of the region, and for community members to intersect, exchange ideas, and offer support. 


Our stakeholders desired the design of the county’s administration building to reflect the region’s diversity in both its aesthetics and its function. The building’s sustainable, collaborative relationship with the environment is embodied in its natural, renewable materials—stone and wood—and in its landscaping, which boasts a variety of native plants. In its mechanical and electrical systems, the building reflects the county’s commitment to the environment by using innovative and sustainable technologies. The Yellowhead County Administration Building stands as a testament to the strength and pride of the community.


The design of the administrative building posed a number of interesting challenges. The site, located in Edson, has no gas-line, and in response, our team designed a heating and mechanical system that relies almost exclusively on solar power. A precursor to a net-zero structure, the building has achieved a zero-emission status, and features such leading edge innovations as recycled rubber shingles and a geothermal heating system. In 2007, the building was certified LEED® Silver, and in the years since its initial occupancy, it has consistently exceeded low-emission standards while also providing a beautiful and comfortable space for its occupants. 


  • Canada Green Building Council, LEED® Silver, 2007

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