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Vedran Škopac

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Principal Dipl.Ing.Arch. M.Arch.

Dipl.Ing.Arch., M.Arch.

Vedran is an internationally recognized and awarded Designer and Team Leader, with six years of European professional experience and over a decade of experience working in Canada. Vedran holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Zagreb, where he graduated at the top of his class in the fall of 2003. He started influencing the world of architecture in his native Croatia, where he worked closely with Hrvoje Njiric in his globally-acclaimed architectural practice “njiric+njiric architects”. In late 2007, he took a leap of faith and won a 1.5 million square-foot, open architectural competition called “The City of Justice,” located in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia. That led him and his partner to start their own architectural practice, 'MORE arhitekture.' Soon after moving to Edmonton in the fall of 2009, he joined Reimagine, where he became a Principal in the spring of 2019. Vedran’s design is published around the Globe in prestigious architectural publications such as DOMUS, 2G, and MARK. 

Vedran is known for bringing the best out of people, and maximizing not only his team’s performance, but fun. In his work, he does not shy away from socio-economic and climate challenges; in fact, he loves turning obstacles into advantages. At Reimagine, he is interested in the innovation of architectural typologies with the purpose of cultivating greater sustainability for people’s mental health and well-being. His acclaimed work on priMED Mosaic Centre and Red Deer College Student Residence is a display of imaginative design that is innovative, on time, and on budget.  

At the heart of Vedran’s personal design philosophy lies three core objectives, or what he calls “the three sacred Ds of design.” Primarily, he believes that architecture should be Distinct, Diverse, and Dynamic. By following these principles, he argues, we can create beautiful and “emotionally sustainable” environments. “A building is not only about how it is performing, or how it’s engineered,” he states, “but also about how much we love it”.

Always enthusiastic to inspire others, Vedran has delivered over fifty public speaking engagements from Vancouver to Vienna, in the last five years. Eager to learn and share knowledge, he currently collaborates with four Canadian schools of architecture and design, including the University of Toronto and the University of Calgary, the RAIC Syllabus school in Edmonton, and Art & Design school at the University of Alberta.

Market Sector Leader: Post-secondary Education

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