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While the bulk of learning at Athabasca University is done online, there are many in-class components to ensure that students receive the best possible educational experience. Their main campus labs were dated and ineffective and needed a major upgrade if the university wanted to maintain its prestigious reputation as a leader in the field of science education.


The reimagined labs are transparent, open, functional and well-organized. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and 21st Century Learning tools, the labs offer students and staff an exceptional opportunity to perform rigorous, in-depth research alongside some of the brightest minds in the field of scientific inquiry. Completed ahead of schedule and under budget, the Athabasca University labs are a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing superior education and learning experiences. 


We were presented with an interesting challenge: to increase transparency both within and outside of the lab space. The preexisting building was concrete with blank walls and minimal interior windows. To invite natural light and excite the curiosity of the lab’s visitors, we added murals and transparent walls between shared spaces. With the intention of serving both the students on campus and the distance-learning students, we ensured clear lines of sight for cameras and were exceptionally diligent with lighting and acoustical controls.

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