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As Alberta’s first (and only!) Métis cultural interpretive centre, Métis Crossing provides a visitor experience unlike any other in Canada. Located along the North Saskatchewan River in Smoky Lake, Alberta, and just 120 kilometres from the Edmonton area, Métis Crossing is already developing into a vibrant and attractive tourist destination. As the construction of the Gathering Centre neared completion, we, along with our stakeholders, were inspired to expand upon our vision for Métis Crossing and to create a lodge that would be continuous with the site’s cultural and historical character. 


The vision of the Boutique Lodge is similar to what was set out for the Métis Crossing’s Cultural Gathering Centre and site. Our vision focuses on celebrating culture, education, gathering, and the contributions of Métis people within Alberta and Canada. Along with supporting the Gathering Centre, the Lodge will play a part in sharing the Métis story with all people, and will ultimately help the Métis Crossing community to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Our aim is to maximize the sustainability of not only the Lodge, but the site and the community as a whole.


This two-storey Boutique Lodge boasts 40 rooms and has the capacity to accommodate 110 people. Surrounded by vegetation and plants native to the area, the Lodge offers gorgeous views of the untouched natural landscape and the North Saskatchewan River. Just an hour away from a bustling metropolitan area, the Lodge provides for its visitors the opportunity to relax, recharge and immerse themselves in the rich culture and history of the Métis people. 

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