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Terre Centre is instrumental in raising the standard of living for underprivileged families in Edmonton by being the only organization that offers programs tailored to the needs of pregnant and parenting teen mothers. The organization purchased a used building with the intention of refurbishing it to fit their expanding programs offerings. Sustainable Buildings Consortium in collaboration with Reimagine Architects was chosen as the Design Build partner that will assist in making the dream a reality.

Building with the community

The Terra Centre for Teen Parents will be well-served in their new home, strengthening the life-changing work that they do. A series of Smart Start workshops have been facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Consortium to draw a picture of how the staff, board members as well as their clients envision success to be for the space thereby creating a collective vision. The workshop helped plan their short- and long-term vision of what will happen in the new building and identify what is required regarding materials, supplies and staffing. 

Inspiring Hope

When participants were asked about how success would look like for them, we heard the desire for a space that would inspire hope. The design has since focused on creating a place that would encourage participants to feel connected, supported, and welcomed. Through mapping the spatial relationships, we have discovered the kind of spaces that will pave the way to achieving this goal. The spaces realized were the Community Kitchen, Market Place, Cultural Room, Reception Area, Multipurpose Room, Donation Area, Clothes Closet, Volunteer Lounge, Family Washrooms, Child and Parent Engagement Space and the Parent’s Lounge.

Making the dream come true

Sustainable Buildings Consortium (SBC) was chosen for its expertise in green and sustainable construction, improving building quality of life while lowering environmental impact by developing systems and strategies that allow clients to design and build sustainable infrastructures. SBC managed the collaboration between trade consultants, sub-trades and the procurement of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) items. Our team aided Terra Centre in applying for government funding programs that will allow them to advance their mission. Before beginning the building project, Terra Centre’s board members examined and accepted the design, project budget and cashflow given by SBC, ensuring transparency and accountability. Through this partnership, Terra Centre was able to access a team of engineers, architects, interior designers, and skilled project managers.

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