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10909 Jasper enjoys one of the most prominent and sought-after locations in Edmonton. The original office tower, built in the 1970’s, was out-of-date and inefficient in both its aesthetics and function. Located on the corner of Jasper Avenue and 109th Street, the address deserved a building that equalled it in eminence and prestige.


Careful coordination meets bold, cutting-edge design in our vision for WSP Place. That the building remain open and occupied throughout the construction process with minimal inconvenience to building occupants was a central objective of our reimagine strategy. To this end, we carefully and deliberately phased all stages of the construction process, during which time we completely re-skinned the building. The resulting bold new aesthetic catches the eye at all times of the day, with vibrant light designs rendering 10909 Jasper Place a beacon of Edmonton’s downtown core. 


WSP Place isn’t just a pretty face; inside, high-performance electrical and mechanical systems decrease energy consumption by an incredible 40%. Natural light spills into office spaces and meeting rooms, while updated insulation and high-efficiency materials conserve energy and improved climate control results in a built environment that is pleasant and sustainable for its occupants. 

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