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The Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) is fostering collaborative partnerships across the Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) industry in Canada. Their aim is to apply innovation to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the built environment, while positioning Canada as a global leader in innovative design and construction. 

As the SSRIA values so closely align with our own, our team approached the SSRIA with a collaborative strategy for our Concordia Academic Building. Already a highly sustainable and innovative building, we asked the question: is there more that we can do?


Our vision for the increasing the sustainability profile of the Concordia University Academic Building is the creation of an Innovative, high-performing curtainwall system, which will reduce the Academic Building's energy consumption and green-house gas (GHG) emission.


SSRIA project funding allowed us to upgrade the current baseline curtainwall glazing system to a high-performing, fiberglass framed curtainwall system with vacuum glass, reducing conductivity by a further 30% from the current industry best-practice. Through this façade upgrade, we can successfully lower the building’s greenhouse gas emissions, taking incremental steps towards achieving Net Zero by 2050. In the years to come, we will measure the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promote the Academic Building as a“green test-bed” model from which future projects can benefit. 

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