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The original Mill Creek school was established in 1948, and has undergone two major additions, as well as various upgrades and materials replacements over the years. Considering the school’s growing needs and enrolment, the Edmonton Public School Board consulted our team with the object of replacing the existing facilities in order to meet current (and future) educational needs and standards. 


The Escuela Mill Creek school provides an exceptional, leading-edge educational experience. The new Spanish-bilingual school is the first within the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) designed to 21st Century Learning standards, boasting flexible learning spaces that encourage collaboration and connection among students and educators. The spaces are thoughtfully designed and set in relationship with one another in such a way as to promote not only the mental and emotional health of occupants, but to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the building’s systems.


The new LEED® Silver Mill Creek School is designed to live lightly upon the earth and to support its students, staff, and the surrounding community for generations to come. The building is oriented for maximum solar gain while a photovoltaic array set in the facade produces on-site renewable energy. High-efficiency LED lighting ensures that installed power use is 30% lower than baseline. By implementing numerous sustainable innovations, including the effective use of occupancy and daylight sensors, the school’s annual energy consumption is 40% lower than the national standard. 

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